Liberty Paintball – Review

Liberty Paintball – May 17, 2015

For the first time in over 7+ years I’ve stepped foot on a paintball field. I tagged along with some friends and made our way to Liberty Paintball. I’ve been to Liberty Paintball years ago, its one of the few outdoor fields with a “real” bathroom and not a porta potty. Liberty Paintball has 15 fields and 2 tournament Airball field. There is a building that handles registration, paint sales, a small pro shop, vending machine for drinks, a food windows, long tables to eat/gear up, lockers (you must use your own lock), a table with tools to work on your gear, and the bathrooms. Liberty is a Field Paint only field, with custom Liberty shell.

I registered, got a wrist band, bought paint and gear up. They have a PA system that announce where to meet up to go out to the fields. The PA is especially good for walk on games, and getting everyone to go to play. Liberty has a good mix of fields, but I like the open field with the man mad structure, I liked WWII, Western, and Airstrip. The refs were cool and helpful.

I’ve had a good experience, I’d like to come again.

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Stingray Ops – NYC Paintball Pro Shop

Stingray Ops Website

Going to play paintball for the first time in many years. I thought I was going to use my old marker, so stopped by Stingray Ops to get my HPA Tank hydro tested. I was greeted by Cecilia, she was very welcoming and answers all our (me and my friends) questions. While there, I decided I was going to pickup a marker, since I had no clue the conditions of my mothballed markers sitting in a gear bag for so many years. I decided on a Empire Mini GS.

The whole process was smooth, Cecilia explains everything to you, how to use the marker and any question you might have. When you’re all set, they give you a hopper full of paintball, lent me a tank and let me shoot at some targets in the back!

I am a big online shopper, but I believe in supporting your local shop. Stingray Ops prices has competitive pricing, but you get so much more value at Stingray Ops, you get service.

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